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Sailing Jollies Skippers
Could you be a Sailing Jollies Skipper?  Can you instill confidence in your clients, demonstrate excellent sailing skills and knowledge, encourage great group dynamics and exercise discrete and diplomatic people management?  Are you cool and calm when the going gets tough, able to make important calls under pressure, willing to change plans 'on the fly' and say 'yes' when other skippers would say 'no'?
 Apply via email to [email protected] or WhatsApp +447899964267
The pilot guide advises not to go into Navpaktos with anything longer than 35 feet as there 'simply isn't room'.  We put ten boats in there.  6 on the left as you look, 4 on the right.  We have never yet turned around and left a harbour because there 'wasn't room'.  Come and join our growing team of superb skippers who are helping me deliver excellence and enjoyment to so many guests, time after time.
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