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Bareboat Yacht Charter

Thinking of taking your own bareboat yacht charter?  Let me help you gain the confidence to do just that..

Working towards taking your own bare boat yacht?  Let me help you gain the confidence to do just that..

If you have enough suitable sailing experience and qualifications, you will probably be able to take a charter yacht yourself and give your family and friends a great holiday experience.  It is a big step to do this, and should not be taken lightly.  If you are not quite feeling confident enough at the moment, I recommend that you join a Jolly as an individual first, where you can build your confidence and work towards having gradually more control of the yacht.  If you wish, take the role of Skipper for various tasks or parts of a day and be put through your paces with verbal questions and dealing with real life situations as they arise.

Every April, May and October we run fleets of 8-9 yachts between Athens, Corfu and Skiathos, with easier 'round trips' usually before and after these one ways.  Our fleet includes four 33 foot Sun Odysseys and a 34' Oceanis, ideal for your first bareboat charter.  A bit like a flotilla but more advanced, tailored and supportive, you may charter in the knowledge that at least one lead yacht with professional YM captain and RYA instructor is there, as well as several other yachts with plenty of experienced crew, all willing to give you a hand and help to increase your confidence.

Through this increased confidence under guidance, you will move closer to feeling able to take that first bareboat charter of your own, which is the aim for many of the people coming on Jollies.  Once you, and we, are all happy with your level, you can even charter a boat within our fleet and take our other Sailing Jollies guests on board with you, so even if you don't have a group of your own, or prefer to get some skippering experience before say, taking your family, this is also possible with us.

A flotilla holiday is an alternative, where you take one of a group of yachts under the supervision of a flotilla skipper, then meet up with others at fixed destinations at the end of each given day. However, there's really no-one to teach and help you personally, so even when it's over, you may feel like you muddled through it ok, but don't feel like you necessarily improved very much.  A Jolly is all about helping you with exactly what you feel you need from the trip. 


"Having passed my Day Skippers course in Portugal last year I found myself certificated but most definitely not experienced or confident enough to take a yacht out on my own. The trip with Sailing Jollies under skipper Richard, was only one week but what I came away with was immense and I have to say also turned out to be one of the most enjoyable holidays I have ever had. " - Matt, Essex 


Ready for a Bareboat Charter yourself?  Let me help you find one..

I have first hand contact with many charter companies, if you book a bareboat through me you WILL get it cheaper, plus I can vouch for the company as I won't use poor ones.   

I can research companies and arrange bareboat quotations for you in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Canaries, Caribbean, Thailand, The Philippines, UK, Spain, Mallorca and Gibraltar (or anywhere else you can think of!). Some places may require higher qualifications for insurance purposes, as the sailing area is considered to be more challenging.

Just drop me an email or WhatsApp +447899964267  with as much info as you can - where, when, how many people, your experience and qualifications, etc.

Travel Insurance is a must... I've teamed up with TopSail to give sailors tailor-made travel policies for one-off or annual multi-trips.  Click for an online quote.